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Crazy Ants

These small, dark colored ants get their name from the habit of meandering around, not following trails as often as other ants. Instead of looking focused they often are seen wandering around countertops, floors, etc., as if they are lost.

The crazy ant’s diet will vary from grease, sweets (both those found in a home and the sweet nectar produced by aphids) and even other insects. Once a colony locates a desired food source, hundreds of workers will be seen crawling all over the food. In a very short time period, they will take all of the food, making it disappear quickly.

Crazy ants will adapt to moist or dry environments. These pests will nest in soil beneath landscape timbers, mulch, decorative stone, logs, firewood and debris such as abandoned construction material. They can also be found in rotting wood, holes in the trunks and limbs of trees, even in irrigation equipment.

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