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Why should I use your service rather than another companies?
Though there are many good pest control companies, we feel that we stand alone by delivering timely and friendly service. We are able to customize our service to fit your needs. We’ll spend as much time as needed and we will guarantee our work.
Do I have to be home at time of service?
Lawn – No, we will treat the entire lawn and leave you watering instructions and any other helpful information right on your front door in a plastic bag.

Indoor Pest Control – We only need access to the inside of your home on the first treatment, all other treatments will be on the outside only which you will not need to be present.

Do I need to leave my house once you are finished treating the interior for insects?
No. We use only E.P.A. tested and approved products applying them in the cracks and crevices where only insects can contact, most of which do not have an odor.
What kind of fertilizer do you use in your lawn program: Liquid or Granular?
We use both granular and liquid fertilizer. This is primarily based on the season and the needs of the lawn.
What areas of town do you provide service?
We cover the entire Jacksonville Metro area and also from Amelia Island to Palm Coast, FL.
When can I let my pets and children walk on the lawn after it has been treated?
People and pets need to stay off the lawn until it is dry, usually 1 hour.
How often should I water my lawn?
Each time your service technician services your lawn they will leave you specific instructions on watering. As a general rule 2 times per week for 45 mins each section will be sufficient.