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Jacksonville Lawn Care Services

Royal Pest Services lawn care program takes care of everything from the root system up. We first meet to perform an in-depth lawn analysis and talk through your concerns and expectations. After that, we will create a lawn program that gives you the results you are looking for – guaranteed. 

Treating your lawn at regular intervals with our custom blended granular and liquid fertilizers promotes thicker, greener lawns by feeding naturally through the roots. Treatments include control-released nutrients that feed the top consistently between applications. This approach also avoids surge growth and promotes even greening throughout the year. 

  • Broadleaf control: Broad leaf weeds are targeted at the appropriate time of year. We perform a separate trip to make the control of both broadleaf weeds and sage a priority and also apply both a pre and post-emergent herbicide to help keep weeds under control. 
  • Insects: Successful control of lawn damaging insects is dependent on making timely applications. We monitor your lawn for turf damaging insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms and mole crickets each and every application. And treat for them with just the right amount to help prevent your lawn from getting damaged by these unrelenting insects.
  • Winterizer: Each Fall we apply a winterizer lawn fertilizer treatment to encourage a deep root system that protects the lawn and minimizes winter damage. This will stimulate root development, strengthen lawn and encourage early spring growth.
  • We treat for all of the above year round these days / insects and weeds are constant. It is available. 

We have several different lawn programs and payment options available and look forward to creating a customized program that best fits your specific needs. Please call our office today to schedule your FREE no obligation lawn analysis.