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Roof rats. Norway rats.

Consider all of the possible entry points of your home that are less than one fourth of an inch. Rodents view cracks, vents, openings around drain pipes, roofs, chimneys and more as an open door into your home. At Royal Pest Services, we proactively seal any areas in your home that pests would likely enter. By eliminating these possible entry points, we keep your home protected from pests before they even have a chance.

What should I expect?

  • A discussion with you, the client, to talk through what you are seeing and hearing in your home.
  • A thorough inspection of the home, attic, and crawl spaces.
  • We will then locate entry points, gaps, and holes around the home and locate signs of activity in and around the house, attic and crawl space.
  • Finally, we will eliminate possible entry points and set traps if needed.

After this service is performed, you will be on our annual Rodent Renewal Program. With this, we will come out annually to inspect your home, inspect the exclusion areas, and look / seal any new areas that need to be addressed.

It is also important for the homeowner to eliminate possible food and water sources. During our inspection, we will provide suggestions of areas that could be welcoming to rodents and need attention – think pantries, cupboards, etc. Food items should be in storage containers when possible; keep your pantries clean and dry.

If rodents get in your home at any time throughout the year, that’s on us – there will never be an additional charge for this service.