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Rodent Exclusion

Consider all the possible entry points of your home that are less than one-fourth of an inch. Rodents view cracks, vents, openings around drain pipes, roofs, chimneys, and more as an open door into your home. At Royal Pest Services, we proactively seal any areas in your home that pests would likely enter. We will use a combination of materials including steel hardware cloth, stainless steel interwoven poly fibers, foam, and others as-needed. By eliminating these possible entry points, we keep your home protected from pests before they even have a chance.

It is also important for the homeowner to eliminate possible food and water sources. During our inspection, we will provide suggestions of areas that could be welcoming to rodents and need attention – think pantries, cupboards, etc. Food items should be in storage containers when possible; keep your pantries clean and dry.

Rodent exclusion is the most effective way of keeping rodent outside of your home. After a rodent exclusion, we may recommend our TAP Insulation service depending on the infestation and contamination of attic insulation.

Rodent Trapping & Removal

Royal Pest uses the most up-to-date technology with rodent monitoring. ActiveSense system allows for 24/7 rodent monitoring using cell towers to Royal Pest Services for immediate communication of rodent activity. This allows us to have rapid response time so rodents are dealt with immediately. Traditionally this activity would be monitored weekly or after visual, audible or smell indications from the customer.

Rodent Reduction & Monitoring

Royal Pest uses tamper-proof rodent bait stations along the perimeter of your home in areas conducive for rodents. These bait stations are monitored and serviced quarterly. These rodent bait stations help keep rodent populations down around your home, reducing the chance they find and make shelter on your property.

Royal Pest Services Rodent Control Solutions

With Royal Pest Services, you can expect:

  • A discussion with you, the client, to talk through what you are seeing and hearing in your home.
  • A thorough inspection of the home, attic, and crawl spaces.
  • We will then locate entry points, gaps, and holes around the home and locate signs of activity in and around the house, attic, and crawl space.
  • Finally, we will eliminate possible entry points and set traps if needed.

After an exclusion is performed, Royal Pest Services uses the latest technology for ongoing rodent monitoring to keep rodents away from your home.

When paired with our pest control program, Royal Pest Services can offer up to 50% off rodent monitoring services. Helping us make your home both rodent and pest-free.

Free Rodent Control Inspection

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Need more than rodent control? You can save up to 15% by bundling services like pest control, lawn care, mosquito control, and termite control together.

Rodent Exclusion FAQs

Can I prevent rodents from entering my home?

Yes! You can prevent rodent activity by getting an exclusion. Rats can squeeze through openings as small as ¼ in.

Why is rodent control important if I don’t see/hear them?

Rodents can chew electrical wires causing house fires. Rodents can chew ductwork leading to several issues including smell and inefficient airflow system. Preventing rodents is crucial to protecting your home before major damages occur.

What do I do after I get an exclusion?

You should examine your attic for signs of rodent activity and consider installing our TAP Insulation. TAP Insulation has boric acid to control household pests and can be installed on top of your existing insulation. TAP has 3 great benefits T = Thermal efficiency for a reduced electricity bill, A = Acoustical properties to reduce unwanted exterior noise, P = Pest Control, giving your attic a permanent layer of Pest Protection.

Do you have on-going Rodent control services?

Yes! We provide a couple of different options for continued rodent control/monitoring. Please contact us for more information and what option is best for your home.

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our tech-Julius is so helpful. even if he is in our area and it's not a spray day he comes by to... check on the lawn and he leaves us a note. we can ask him any question and he always give a clear answer.the office is always so helpful as well.read more
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I met with Mike, we went over what I was hoping to accomplish with my yard and the fact that we... have small children. He was helpful, informative and within 3 days Isaac had already reached out to let me know when he would be starting. It was the same week to make it all that much better! Thanks Mike and Isaac, looking forward to the results.read more
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I've cared for my lawn for a long time. This fall, weeds just took over and I needed help. I... checked neighboring lawns and found the best looking lawns used Royal. I saw Robert Mendez spraying a neighbors lawn and talked to him as he was wrapping up. He kindly took my name and Mike called within hours. We signed up for services and Robert came back and sprayed the yard and offered some great advice. He came back 2 weeks later and retreated a couple spots and again offered some great advice. I really appreciated the personal touch and can see a dramatic improvement in such a short amount of time.read more