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Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

From disease and insect control to Spring and Fall fertilizations, our tailored treatment plans provide an integrated pest management program with regular monitoring and treatment applications. 

  • Fertilization: Each Spring we apply a balanced granular fertilizer with micronutrients to help the landscape recover from the stress of the winter which helps to improve growth and color. In the Fall, our feeding is a nutritional complete fertilizer with a root stimulating supplement that encourages the development of a strong and healthy root system which is key for optimum plant health and Spring blooming potential. 
  • Insect Control: From passive controls such as oils to advanced broad spectrum insecticides, our ornamental tree and shrub program targets shrub damaging insects. As the seasons change, so do the pests and we are here to provide the proper control products at the correct rates for these ever-changing pests.
  • Disease Control: Many plant diseases are difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. We provide a comprehensive treatment program that ensures maximum protection of your valuable ornamentals. This includes follow-up applications as needed at no additional charge.