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Termites live in colonies that, at maturity, number from several hundred to several million individuals. They are a prime example of decentralized, self-organized systems using swarm intelligence and use this cooperation to exploit food sources and environments that could not be available to any single insect acting alone. A typical colony contains nymphs (semi-mature young), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both genders, sometimes containing several egg-laying queens.

Due to their wood-eating habits, many termite species can do great damage to unprotected buildings and other wooden structures. Their habit of remaining concealed often results in their presence being undetected until the timbers are severely damaged and exhibit surface changes. Once termites have entered a building, they do not limit themselves to wood; they also damage paper, cloth, carpets, and other cellulosic materials. often, other soft materials are damaged and may be used for construction. Particles taken from soft plastics, plaster, rubber, and sealants such as silicon rubber and acrylics are often employed in construction.

Since termites are a constant threat to your homes, make sure you eliminate moisture problems within your home and remove any termite food source or move it away from your home, for example store firewood away from your house. Look out for warning signs, which includes temporary swarm of winged insects in your home, any cracked or bubbling paint or frass, wood that sounds hollow when tapped and discarded wings from swarmers. Make sure to call Royal Pest Services if your notice any of the warning signs.

If you have Termites causing damage to your home or business in Jacksonville or surrounding North Florida area OR are looking to have Termite Protection contact us at Royal Pest Services for quality Termite Control services.