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Drywood Termites

The Drywood Termites (Genera Kalotermes & Incistermes) found in attic wood, create colonies in wood with no connection to the ground, they need very little moisture and can be up to 1 and ½ inch long.

They can cause serious damage to the structure long before they are discovered. They live in large colonies up to 2700 termites.

Three species of drywood termites are most often found in the southeastern part of the unites stated. The light southeastern drywood termite, Incisitermes snyderi (Light), is found from South Carolina to Florida and west to Texas. It is the most injurious species of drywood termite in that area. A second drywood termite, Incisitermes schwartzi (Banks), is a common species in southern Florida occurring as far north as Pensacola. Thirdly, the dark southeastern drywood termite, Kalotermes approximatus (Snyder), occurs along the Gulf Coast west to New Orleans and on the Atlantic Coast north to southern Virginia.

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