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How to Find a Quality Pest Control and Lawn Care Professional

In this interview, Royal Pest Services owner Jimmy Harrington gives his expert opinion on how to find a quality pest control and lawn care professional. 

Q: How to Find a Reputable Lawn Care Company

Harrington: A great way to find a reputable lawn care company is through asking friends and family members that you trust that have had a good experience with a lawn care company in the past. Another great resource is there are websites out there that do a great job of researching lawn care companies and making sure that they’re properly licensed and insured.

Some of the websites may be – a great one is Home Advisor and also Yelp where people can place their reviews that have had good experiences.

Q: Do I Need Professional Pest Control Or Can I Do It Myself?

Harrington: Well, you could try it yourself and a lot of people have. One of the advantages of using a pest control service is that they’ve been trained in the safe and proper handling of the products they’re using in and around your homes and they also know the life cycle and the breeding habits of the insects which is going to help get you the best results. The benefits of that are when they come to your home, they know exactly where the insects are hiding so you can do the proper placement of the products in order to give you the longest control.

Q: Do I Need Regular Pest Control?

Harrington: We frequently get asked that question. Do I need regular pest control treatments in my home? And the answer here in Florida is yes. Insects and rodents carry a lot of different diseases and for the overall health and safety of your family, it’s good to have treatments that really help prevent these insects and rodents from ever coming inside. So a good treatment around the exterior of the home as well as excluding some of the entry points and making it difficult for these insects and pests to enter the home would be a great treatment.

Q: Do I Need Professional Lawn Care Or Can I Do It Myself?

Harrington: The advantage of having a professional lawn care service versus doing it yourself, a lot of it is timing. It’s putting out the right products at the right time in order to help prevent a lot of the problems that crop up throughout the year and a lot of times we’re able to guarantee the results where if bugs or weeds come back, so do we and at no charge to you, where doing it yourself you would have to go buy the products again and put them all back down.

Q: How To Find A Good Bug Exterminator

Harrington: One of the best ways to locate a bug exterminator is to ask your families and friends that you trust that have had good experience with exterminators in the past. Another good way to do it, there’s a lot of websites out there that do a great job of researching and making sure that they have the proper license and insurance of pest control companies. In addition, the company you choose should be willing to meet with you face to face and answer any and all questions you have. They should also be willing to put exactly what they’re going to do for you in writing and back it up with a strong guarantee.

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